I recently shot some portraits of Dino Zamparelli, an up and coming racing driver who is currently driving in Formula 2 and hopes to make it into Formula 1.

Dino was after some pictures to help him with his campaign for sponsorship and also to try and gather as big a following as possible. Most people think of very highly paid Formula 1 drivers when asked to picture a racing driver but very often forget that until they reach that point that it is an endless struggle to get noticed and find the money / sponsorship for their next drive. The best talent in the world means nothing without the right support.

I have no doubt that Dino has what it takes, on first meeting him it was blindingly obvious that he has a serious amount of ambition and drive (no pun intended) along with a fun and laid back personality, very reminiscent of a certain recent British F1 champion (not Lewis Hamilton!) and his results in previous years show that he almost certainly has the talent. I wanted to create a set of pictures that reflected Dino’s focus and ambition and hope they do the job.

This kid will go far!




Big thank you to Pangaea Creative for helping source backgrounds and to Harkimedes for retouching.