• 50s Sports Cars and beautiful watches…


    As shoots go, you can’t get much better than being able to photograph this late 1950s Lister Jaguar belonging to Guy Broad, alongside the beautiful watches from Zero West.


  • Barbados…

    For a few years I’ve been using an 1980’s diving camera I picked up in a charity shop for £8 to shoot a few bits a pieces while surfing or generally messing around in the ocean.

    I’ve definitely been neglecting this blog over the last couple of years so the plan is to now dedicate it to the results from what has become one of my favourite cameras to experiment with.

    These are a couple of shots taken while freediving in Barbados this summer.


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  • Vic Elford’s Porsche…

    A few months ago I was commissioned to shoot a very special 911 for Porsche Christophorus Magazine. The car was Vic Elford’s original 1966 911 that he drove in the Rally Cross championship that year. It was a perfect day at possibly the worlds most famous Rally Cross circuit, Lydden Hill.


  • John-Mike…

    On a recent trip to Barbados I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting John-Mike Peterkin. John-Mike is a humble man of few words but was constantly described by others I met on the island as a legend or hero and a stand out Waterman on the island.

    I was told that while attempting to swim around the entire island of Barbados, the support boat had to give up and head home before he did! And when hurricane swells hit Barbados for some of the biggest surf the island has ever seen, only one man was out surfing, on his own.