If I’m honest, my dad and I are quite different. We look similar, share some similar mannerisms and, I’ve recently been told, sound similar. Although I’m not sure where that came from as he has quite a noticeable Yorkshire accent? But we are different and as with all father son relationships, haven’t always seen eye to eye.


However, one thing has remained the same since I was a child and always will and that is I am totally in awe of what he does and who he is.


My dad is Mr Darryl Shore, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and Adjunct Professor, NationalHeart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, specialising in the care of children and to me, and I’m sure to all the people he has treated over his career, he is a pretty big deal.


It won’t be long now before he retires and I wanted to make a small record of him working before it was too late and these pictures are the result.