• Vic Elford’s Porsche…

    A few months ago I was commissioned to shoot a very special 911 for Porsche Christophorus Magazine. The car was Vic Elford’s original 1966 911 that he drove in the Rally Cross championship that year. It was a perfect day at possibly the worlds most famous Rally Cross circuit, Lydden Hill.


  • John-Mike…

    On a recent trip to Barbados I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting John-Mike Peterkin. John-Mike is a humble man of few words but was constantly described by others I met on the island as a legend or hero and a stand out Waterman on the island.

    I was told that while attempting to swim around the entire island of Barbados, the support boat had to give up and head home before he did! And when hurricane swells hit Barbados for some of the biggest surf the island has ever seen, only one man was out surfing, on his own.










  • Dad…


    If I’m honest, my dad and I are quite different. We look similar, share some similar mannerisms and, I’ve recently been told, sound similar. Although I’m not sure where that came from as he has quite a noticeable Yorkshire accent? But we are different and as with all father son relationships, haven’t always seen eye to eye.


    However, one thing has remained the same since I was a child and always will and that is I am totally in awe of what he does and who he is.


    My dad is Mr Darryl Shore, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and Adjunct Professor, NationalHeart and Lung Institute, Imperial College, specialising in the care of children and to me, and I’m sure to all the people he has treated over his career, he is a pretty big deal.


    It won’t be long now before he retires and I wanted to make a small record of him working before it was too late and these pictures are the result.





  • Biarritz…

    I recently took a holiday to Biarritz in the south of France. I’ve been going to this part of France to surf for nearly ten years but I’ve never taken a camera, or rather I’ve never bothered to take my camera out of my bag as there have been more important things to do, like surf.

    I’ve never really been interested in combining surfing and photography but when I found an old waterproof Nikon L35AW film camera on ebay for a few quid I thought it would be interesting to see what I could get. As it turns out, I now have a whole new level of respect for “surf photographers”, believe me, it is HARD!

    Definitely thinking about investing in a water housing and seeing what I can come up with when I’m not just messing around.photo







  • Switzerland…

    A few landscapes from a recent trip to Saas-Fee and Laax in Switzerland.










  • Dom Reilly…

    Dom Reilly is a luxury leather goods brand that was recently launched by Dominic Reilly, the former marketing director for Williams F1. Dom created the label based on the lessons he’s learnt from a 15 year international career at the F1 team. Hand-crafted from Spanish leather, the range has been designed with F1 precision with the help from former Williams Technical Director and team co-founder, Patrick Head.

    Dom Reilly has recently announced a partnership with Williams and he asked me to accompany him to Jerez for the first of this years F1 tests to photograph the drivers and the factory close by where his products are made.

    It was an incredible couple of days and it was fascinating to see the whole process from template to finished product. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none.

    Incidentally it was also the main Sherry making region in spain, but that is an entirely different story altogether!

    Here are a few of my favourite shots from the trip.








  • Ewan…


    I was recently commissioned by Goodwood to cover the Revival race meeting and to also shoot a portrait of Ewan McGregor for themselves and sponsor Belstaff.

    For those who have never been to the Goodwood Revival, its an intense experience and celebration of classic cars, bikes and motor racing, vintage fashion and music, all accompanied by the distinctive smell of Castrol-R and two-stroke.

    Its an event that has to be experienced to be believed and I would highly recommend it wether you are interested in Motor Sport or not!

    Special thanks to Claire, Tracey and Jon at Goodwood for all their help over the weekend and also to Jim for being a great assistant!














  • Goodwood…

    I was recently asked by Goodwood to photograph the Festival of Speed. As a photographer and a petrol head, I jumped at the chance!

    For those not familiar with the Festival of Speed, it is a Hill Climb race held on the Goodwood Estate every year. It first started 20 years ago but has grown quickly into one of the most popular events on the motor sport calendar.

    It attracts all the big names in motor sport and the automotive industry and gives fans the chance to get closer to their heroes past and present than they ever could at a Grand Prix.

    This years theme was ‘Young Guns, Born to Win’ and was the first time that the current world champion Sebastian Vettel, still only 25, has made an appearance.

    My weekend was spent walking the event and photographing all the action. It was tiring work but I’m really pleased with the results. A few of which you can see below.

    Big thank you to Ellen, Paul, Claire and Jon at Goodwood. Can’t wait for next year!







  • Dino…

    I recently shot some portraits of Dino Zamparelli, an up and coming racing driver who is currently driving in Formula 2 and hopes to make it into Formula 1.

    Dino was after some pictures to help him with his campaign for sponsorship and also to try and gather as big a following as possible. Most people think of very highly paid Formula 1 drivers when asked to picture a racing driver but very often forget that until they reach that point that it is an endless struggle to get noticed and find the money / sponsorship for their next drive. The best talent in the world means nothing without the right support.

    I have no doubt that Dino has what it takes, on first meeting him it was blindingly obvious that he has a serious amount of ambition and drive (no pun intended) along with a fun and laid back personality, very reminiscent of a certain recent British F1 champion (not Lewis Hamilton!) and his results in previous years show that he almost certainly has the talent. I wanted to create a set of pictures that reflected Dino’s focus and ambition and hope they do the job.

    This kid will go far!




    Big thank you to Pangaea Creative for helping source backgrounds and to Harkimedes for retouching.




  • Bridge…


     I made use of the abnormally misty weather we had a couple of weeks back and shot some pictures of the Avonmouth bridge in Bristol. I’d seen it a few times on the drive home everyday during a two week shoot and when the weather turned I thought it was the perfect opportunity. You don’t really notice the bridge when driving until you’re right underneath and it almost feels like a Godzilla like monster when you realise its looming over you.